Become a Member

What we offer:
  • Weekly and bi-weekly shares (from early July to the end of October) of fresh picked, organic vegetables – dozens of varieties grown for top flavor and palate-pleasing color. We are known for our arugula, sugar-snap peas, heirloom tomatoes, golden beets, slim French beans, and herbs like chervil, Thai basil, and lemon grass. We also sell local organic fruit when available: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, table grapes and apples, as well as local goat cheese and other products.
  • 10% savings off purchases of extra vegetables and meats (15% savings before basket deliveries start).
  • A weekly newsletter about our farm, vegetable storage tips, and recipes.
  • Farm visits and a harvest party
  • Extra vegetables from our farmer’s market and the possibility of trade.

Visiting and volunteering at the farm

We invite all our members to visit the farm and lend a helping hand. This work may be in field tasks – weeding, planting garlic, harvesting – or other. We organize once-a-month work Saturdays for folks to help out at the farm. Members can also participate in share distribution at the pickup sites, by taking photos of the farm and vegetables for the web site, by doing translation (we have a translation committee), by helping organize our harvest party, by doing recipe research for our web site, or by being part of the farm committee which helps the farmer with membership communication.

Member work participation helps us accomplish some of our large and time consuming tasks. It also increases member appreciation for the effort required to produce all this healthy food. We have found that children especially like learning about where their food comes from and enjoy harvesting.

Payment schedule

You have three payment possibilities:
  1. One full payment upon registration
  2. 50% upon registration. The balance in 1 or 2 post-dated cheques, each dated no more than one month apart.
  3. We have reserved a few places for low-income families and persons who have experienced sudden income reduction. Payments can be spread out over a longer period. Speak with us.
We offer 80 shares and every year our shares are sold out. First come, first served!


1. Do I choose my vegetables?

No. The farm selects the vegetables put in your weekly share. We vary the selection depending upon popularity and availability. We encourage you to try all the varieties we offer and we give you recipes and preparation suggestions. However, if you have dislikes or allergies, you may exchange vegetables from your box with vegetables available at our NDG or Pte. Claire market stands.

2. What happens when I go away on vacation?

If you inform the farm about your vacation or absence in advance you will receive a compensatory share at a later mutually agreeable date. If you simply forget, or do not show up, you will lose that week’s share.

3. Why do I pay in advance?

Your financial commitment to our farm helps us pay for seeds, supplies and farm labor that are required far in advance of the delivery of your first vegetable share.

4. May I visit the farm?

Yes, the farm is open to visits. We prefer that you phone ahead.

If you have any more questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us.


Download the 2014 registration form [PDF]