Farm Fidelity Card

By popular demand, we are bringing back our fidelity program.

There are people who love our vegetables and would like to support our farm but find the weekly basket concept too restrictive for their lifestyle. Summer travel plans, a desire to make selective purchases, and basket amounts either too large or too small for their meal budgets make it difficult for them to make a 18-week commitment.

For these folks we now offer the Farm Fidelity Card, an easy way to buy the variety of vegetables you want, in the quantity you want, when you want — and still make an important financial commitment to our small organic farm.

How it works

Purchase a Farm Fidelity Card for $275 and receive a credit at Ferme du Zephyr market stands for the amount you’ve paid plus 10%. The credit is available for the 2014 season at our NDG market location (Thursdays, 3 - 7 pm) and at our Pointe-Claire market location (Tuesdays from 3 – 7 pm) from mid-June to the end of the season, usually around November. Any leftover credit will NOT be extended to 2015, so be sure to eat all your vegetables.

Ferme du Zephyr market stands will have a cashier dedicated to serving Farm Fidelity Card clients.

The Fine Print
  • Only 60 Farm Fidelity Cards are being offered for 2014.
  • The Farm Fidelity Credit cannot be applied to the early season markets from mid-April to mid-June, when our supplies are limited. However during the early season markets you will receive a 10% discount on all vegetable purchases.
  • The Fidelity Credit can be used at our market stands to purchase all vegetables plus other local foods like fruit, honey, oil etc…
  • Your fidelity credit amount expires at the end of our market season, which is usually around November. Any leftover credit will be lost.
  • No pre-ordering of vegetables is permitted.
Advantages of Fidelity Card compared to CSA basket shares
  • Buy only the vegetables you want; as much as you want, when you want.
  • Having a dinner party and you only need several bunches of carrots - then load up on carrots as long as they are available.
  • Cashless buying.
  • Away on holidays – your vegetable credit is waiting for your return.
  • You forgot that it’s market day – at least you haven’t lost your vegetables.
  • Don’t have the money for the initial investment? Share it with a friend.
We are offering only 60 Farm Fidelity Cards for 2014. Only sold while quantities last. Your advance payment greatly helps our farm.

Advantages of CSA basket shares
  • A CSA basket share guarantees a weekly supply of vegetables.
  • CSA basket sharers receive the first selection of the garden harvest
  • Vegetables are sold on a first come first served basis. Come late to market and what you want may be gone.
  • Market shopping requires more time than receiving a pre-selected CSA basket share.
  • Like to be surprised – the CSA basket share may be the best choice. We offer a wide variety of unusual vegetables every week.


Download the 2014 registration form [PDF]