Grilled Radicchio
Yield: 4 servings

2 whole heads of radicchio
1/3 cup (80mL) olive oil
1/4 cup (60mL) lemon juice, freshly squeezed
2 Tbsp (10g) fresh basil, chopped
3 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 tsp (3g) salt (sea salt if on a corn-free diet*)
Basil leaves for garnish

Cut radicchio heads into quarters, and place in a shallow dish.

Place remaining ingredients (except for basil for garnish) into a small dish. Pour over radicchio quarters. Marinate for 15–30 minutes.

Preheat charcoal or gas grill.

Place each quarter of radicchio on grill and cook, turning with tongs. The radicchio will wilt somewhat, and turn brown at the edges.

Remove from heat and pour remaining marinade over the wilted and slightly browned radicchio. Arrange basil leaves in an attractive pattern around the radicchio.