Organic Farming Practices

Ferme du Zephyr embraces the true spirit of organic farming. We always strive to exceed the standards of our certifying body Eco-cert. To that extent we use no synthetic chemicals or pesticides, no genetically modified organisms, and we operate with a focus on using renewable resources, natural soil building, water conservation, and management practices that restore, maintain and enhance the ecological balance of our land.

We embrace the principle of bio-diversity by offering a vast array of heirloom and exotic fresh vegetables grown with care in small batches. By operating on the West Island and only selling locally, we are able to grow, harvest and deliver our nutritious, fresh, organic, vegetables directly to our markets affordably and with the smallest of carbon footprints.

Ferme du Zéphyr extends its organic mandate by striving to operate in a completely sustainable manner that not only minimizes our impact on the environment but also helps nurture the land on which we grow, clean the air we breathe, and build relationships with the communities in which we live.

Our Ecocert certificate

Ecocert Certificate